Cutting the cord can be a real struggle, especially if it’s not something you’ve tried doing before. That’s why CleverStreaming.com was born.

Headshot of Anne-Marie Nichols.

Hi, my name is Anne-Marie Nichols, the founder of Clever Streaming. I started this website to help you figure out the best devices for streaming your favorite shows, local news, and live events without spending a fortune.

I started streaming after moving into a 1920s home four years ago. After remodeling, there was no way I would run yards of ugly cable outside my lath and plaster walls.

Luckily, we’re in the golden age of streaming devices though I had much to learn, from wifi routers to the latest deals in streaming services.

So now I want to share that knowledge (and more) with you!

Come join me on my streaming journey. My goal is that my tips and buying guides are easy to understand, comprehensive, and written to save you money and time!