How to Watch DISH Network on Roku

Last Updated on March 4, 2022 by Anne-Marie

How does Roku work with the DISH Network?

Can you stream DISH cable channels on a Roku?

Well, there are varying degrees of opinions on this. So let’s discuss!

How Does Roku Work With DISH Network?

According to DISH Network, your Roku works as a DISH streaming box.

They claim you can pair it with your DISH TV services. (Well, sort of as I explain below.)

This way, you can access your favorite TV programs, all kinds of on demand movies, and streaming apps.

Just plug in your Roku Streaming Stick into a TV with an HDMI port. This way, you can access your DISH TV subscription with all your favorite content, including sports, news, and shows.

DISH Network logo.

How to use DISH Network on Your Roku

However, this is all RATHER MISLEADING.

You see, DISH doesn’t have a Roku app in the Roku channel store as Spectrum does.

So how do you use the Roku Streaming Stick as your DISH streaming box?

You can download a streaming app like ABC, CNN, Netflix, or A&E to Roku. Then sign in using DISH Network as your provider.

Many of these are FREE. COOL!

Some cost extra, like Hulu, Disney+, and Netflix. (Of course. Duh.)

Some of these may already come with your DISH subscription. Or you may get these with your phone provider. (Or from your mom. Ssssssssssssh.)

So don’t pay twice if you don’t have to!

Dish Anywhere App logo.

Benefits of the DISH Anywhere App

Your other choice is to download the DISH Anywhere Mobile App. Then you use the Cast feature to view DISH content on your Roku device.

The benefits of the app:

  • Watch DISH Anywhere contents on your phone or iPad wherever you go!
  • Schedule and manage your DVR recordings all from one place.
  • Transfer your DVR recordings and purchased shows or movies to your phone, iPad, or Mac and watch them offline.

Mirroring (or casting – you can use either term) is actually pretty easy to do. Plus it doesn’t use up data because you’re running it off your home WiFi.

How to Cast or Screen Mirror Using the DISH Anywhere App

First thing, download the DISH Anywhere app to your Android device or an Apple iOS device:

Google Play Store

Apple iOS

Then DISH Customers just need to log in to the DISH Anywhere app using their ID and password.

Enable Screen Mirroring

NOTE: When using screen mirroring, make sure that all your devices (Roku, phone, and computer) are connected to the same WiFi network internet connection.

1. Start your Roku device.

2. In the Roku menu, scroll down to Settings.

3. Go to System and click on it with your remote control.

4. Select (click on) Screen Mirroring. Then select Screen Mirroring Mode.

5. Click on “Always allow” to allow screen mirroring.

6. Finally, to exit out, click on your Home button.

DISH Anywhere App for the Android phone.

How to Cast DISH Anywhere App from an Android Smartphone

Again, make sure all devices are on the same WiFi network.

1. Connect your Roku device to your TV.

2. Go to the Roku Device Settings menu.

3. Start the Screen Mirroring feature.

4. Go to your Phone Settings and select the option for connection and sharing.

5. Select the Cast option. (Find this in the Notification Panel on your Android phone.)

6. Toggle the Cast option to On to enable it. Your smartphone will look for a nearby device to cast to.

7. From the search results, choose your Roku device. (Your home may have several, so make sure you’re picking the right room’s device.)

8. When you connect your phone to your Roku, the mobile phone’s screen will appear on the TV screen.

9. Now launch the DISH Anywhere app. Pick the media file to start playing it on your big screen TV.

DISH Anywhere App screen grabs from the iPhone.

How to Screen Cast Dish Anywhere Using Your iOS Phone

Again, make sure your Roku device and the iPhone are on the same WiFi network.

1. In the Roku Menu, scroll down and click on Settings.

2. Then choose Apple AirPlay and HomeKit.

3. Click on AirPlay to “on.”

4. Choose the First Time Only option under Require Code.

5. Swipe up the Control Center to your home screen on your iPhone.

6. Click on the Screen Mirroring icon. (It’s the one that looks like two rectangles laid on top of each other to the right of Portrait Orientation.)

7. Select your Roku device from the menu.

8. Enter the passcode shown on the television.

9. Close the Control Center and find the DISH Anywhere app on your phone.

10. Play a video title in the app to make sure it’s working.

11. Now your Roku device should display DISH video. (You may need to play with volume and orientation controls.) HOORAY!

How to Cast DISH Anywhere on Roku from Windows

This time you don’t need to download an app. Just use the Windows casting feature.

No HDMI cable is needed to hook your computer or laptop into your TV’s HDMI input port. It’s all done over your home network!

1. I know you’re tired of me saying this but, make sure your Roku device and PC are on the same WiFi network.

2. Make sure you’ve enabled screen mirroring on your Roku device. (See above.)

3. Open your Chrome or Firefox web browser.

4. Go

5. Click on the profile icon and log in with your DISH credentials.

6. Start watching one of your favorite shows to get things started.

7. Right-click on the box that pops up. Choose Cast. (Cool, right? I had no idea you could do this on Windows!)

8. Then a Roku Source dropbox pops up. Click on it and choose Cast tabs.

Casting dropbox on Windows.
Casting from the Windows dropbox.

9. Choose your Roku device from the device list on your PC screen.

10. You can now view DISH Anywhere on your Roku. Time to watch away on your TV screen!

Use this method to cast other TV sites that stream live on the internet such as WGN. It’s a great way to get FREE live content.


Can I watch DISH Network on my smart TV?

No, you can’t download and use the DISH Anywhere app on your smart TV. It only works on your mobile device or iPad.

Can I watch DISH Network on Apple TV?

According to DISH, the Apple TV is a DISH Network streaming box. However, you’re really watching the DISH Anywhere channels through Airplay. It’s not an app.

However, you can watch content from your favorite streaming apps like Netflix or Hulu that are available through your DISH subscription.

And you can access Apple services such as Apple Music and iMovie.

Logos of Roku app channels compatible with DISH Network.

What DISH Network Channels are Available on Roku?

You can watch these channels using your DISH login info:

  • ESPN
  • Showtime
  • CNN
  • Fox
  • ABC
  • A&E
  • Freeform
  • Disney Channel
  • NBA
  • History Channel
  • Lifetime
  • National Geographic
  • DIY
  • Epix
  • Hulu
  • Disney+
  • Cooking Network

Officially DISH Network hints at more. So I would think other channels like HGTV and MSNBC are compatible.

Try downloading other apps, see if you can sign in with DISH credentials, and give their live shows and on demand content a try.

Which Streaming Stick Do You Use with DISH?

DISH doesn’t give specific information on which Roku Streaming Stick to use.

I would assume that all Roku players and Roku boxes are compatible with DISH, such as:

After all their service doesn’t have a specific app. So, since you’re using mirroring or screencasting any device should work.

It just makes sense that all Rokus are compatible. Right?

Why Subscribe to DISH Network if I Already Have Roku?


Why not cancel your cable service and sign up for a streaming service with a live TV option like YouTube TV, Sling TV, or Philo.

You can read about the pros and cons of these services at How To Watch HGTV On Roku Without Cable.

If you like major sporting events and want to save money, sign up for Fubo. Learn more at How To Watch MSNBC Live Stream On Roku.

So will you keep DISH and try it out with your Roku? Or maybe cut the cord altogether?