How to Add the Spectrum App to Your Roku

Last Updated on May 11, 2022 by Anne-Marie

Are you a Spectrum subscriber? Then add the Spectrum app to your Roku device.


And it will SAVE YOU MONEY.

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Why should you install the Spectrum app?

Are you paying $5-10 a month per cable box with your Spectrum TV service? (If you have 3 boxes, you could be spending around $200+ a year!)

Kiss those boxes goodbye when you download the Spectrum app onto your Roku player.


Just replace that cable box with a Roku streaming stick for about $30. Then never pay another dime!

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How to Install the Spectrum App to Your Roku Device

1. Go to Roku’s channel store.

2. Type in “Spectrum” in the search bar. Then select the Spectrum TV app.

3. Download the app from the Roku channel store.

4. Sign in with your Spectrum username and login information.

5. Agree to the licensing agreement.

6. Start streaming your favorite shows and on demand content.

Using the Spectrum TV App on Roku

Roku users can watch live TV and view on demand TV shows with the Spectrum TV app.

You can browse 14 days of guide listings, schedule recordings, and get programming recommendations.

You can also filter live TV by category, sort channels, and create a personalized guide by setting your favorite channels.

Available programming is based on your Spectrum TV subscription package and whether or not you’re connected to your home Spectrum Internet service.

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Do I Need a Spectrum Cable Box If I Have a Roku Device?

No! Save money and return your Spectrum cable boxes to your nearest Spectrum office.

Call Spectrum customer support to find the nearest office to your home or work.

I Heard the Spectrum Channel Wasn’t Available on Roku

There was a contract dispute about Roku supporting the Charter Spectrum app for nearly a year. Luckily, it was resolved in August 2021.

“Charter Communications and Roku have reached a mutually beneficial agreement to renew distribution of the Spectrum TV App (STVA) on the Roku platform,” a joint statement read.

“As a result of the renewal, the Spectrum TV App is now available for download from the Roku channel store. We are pleased to renew our partnership and offer this great streaming experience to our shared customers.”

What Channels are Available On the Spectrum TV app?

Visit Spectrum’s official website for its full available programming lineup.

What channels you get depends on the package you pay for and receive.

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Are There Parental Controls?

You bet! Parents can set a 4-digit pin to lock access to specific channels. We don’t want our young kiddos watching South Park, right?

Which Roku Can Download Spectrum App?

Run Spectrum TV on the following Roku players:

When setting up your device, learn how to find the Roku link code.

Is There a Spectrum App for Mobile Devices?

Yes! The Spectrum Mobile app is a handy complement to the Roku Spectrum app, especially when you don’t have access to a computer to manage your account.

To use the Spectrum Mobile Account app, you’ll need a Spectrum username and password.


  • Watch TV on your phone when you’re on the go.
  • View information about your current billing cycle, including payments, amounts due, and a summary of charges.
  • Track your wireless data usage.
  • Change your data plan options.

Download the app for Apple Devices in the Apple Store.

Download the app for Android devices at the Google Play Store.

Why Should I Keep Spectrum TV?

Spectrum TV subscribers may be wondering if they should cut the cord, especially if they own a smart TV or have a Roku account and Roku player.

Should You Switch to a Streaming Service?

Change can be hard, right? It depends if you’re happy with Charter’s Spectrum TV app. Or do you want more?

I had a Spectrum TV account and internet service a few years ago. I loved it! The Spectrum TV channel choices were terrific and had all my favorite shows.

But now, with all the new content from Hulu, Apple TV, and HBO Max, it may make sense for you to look into streaming.

An option is to cancel the Spectrum TV subscription package, keep your Internet service, and try streaming.

Check out How To Watch MSNBC Live Stream On Roku or How To Watch HGTV On Roku Without Cable to learn about several terrific streaming choices.

Is the Roku Spectrum app the best choice for you?