How to Find the Roku Link Code

Last Updated on March 4, 2022 by Anne-Marie

Wondering how to find the Roku link code?

Try these easy instructions. You just need a web browser and an email account.

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Why Do I Need a Roku Activation Link Code?

When you’re first setting up your new Roku device or streaming stick, a Roku link code is required to install channels such as:

You can get the Roku activation code to activate your Roku player or Roku TV when setting it up to watch your favorite shows.

Or you can get a new Roku code when you go through the activation process when going to the channel store for the first time.

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How to Set Up a Roku Account

It’s easy to set up your new activation code.

Use the following steps to find your Roku link code:

1. You’ll be prompted to enter an email address during the setup process.

Make sure to use a working email address.

This email address will be associated with your Roku account, so don’t give a phony email account. Or one you don’t check.

Note: If you already have a Roku account, log in using the email address associated with your account.

2. Use a strong and secure password.

3. Use your computer or smartphone to access the email from Roku with the activation link. (Check your spam or junk folder!)

4. Open the email from Roku and click on the activation link.

5. Complete all steps on the website before going back to your Roku device.

Once all steps have been completed on the website, you’ll see “Setup complete!” on the screen.

After completing the installation process, any streaming channels chosen during setup will be automatically downloaded and installed. Your Roku device will then be ready for use.

After finishing the activation process, you can add your favorite channels or remove any you don’t want.

Do I Have to Pay For a Roku Account?

Roku DOES NOT charge you a fee to activate your streaming device, smart TV, or create your Roku account.

SCAM ALERT! If you’re being asked to pay a fee to set up a Roku account or activate your Roku, it’s a scam.

Make sure you’re logged in to the official site. You should be using the link activation on the Roku website and not a third-party app.


If you are creating a new Roku account, you must add a payment method like a credit card or PayPal to set up Roku Pay.

So don’t freak out. Just make sure you’re on the official Roku website.

What’s Roku Pay?

Roku Pay uses the payment method on file to complete purchases like renting movies, adding channel subscriptions such as Hulu or Disney+, and purchasing Roku upgrades, offers, and accessories.

If you want to add security to your payment method, try creating a PIN to protect against unwanted transactions.

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Why Set Up a Roku Account

Your Roku account contains information on your Roku streaming devices, which channels you installed, plus your personal preferences and settings.

Help! My Roku Activation Link Doesn’t Work!

Get an error message during the activation process? Or have a Roku activation issue?

Here are some things you can try.

Expired link: Did you get a message like: “Your account activation link expired”? The activation link expires 30 minutes after being sent to your email.

Tap “Resend” on your Roku device, and another email with a new code will be sent.

Go to your device: Return to the on-screen activation on your Roku device and

1. Press the Star * button on your Roku remote control.

2. Select Edit email. (Make sure you type it correctly. DOUBLE CHECK!)

3. When prompted, reenter or update your email address.

4. Check your inbox for your Roku link code activation email.

Try another email address: If you continue to have issues receiving the activation email, try to activate your Roku device using a different email address.

Get extra help: Try searching the Roku support site to troubleshoot your Roku activation issues.

Tech support: Finally, if the issue persists, you can contact Roku technical support for additional troubleshooting.

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