How to Install DirecTV on Firestick and Fire TV

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These are three of the easiest ways how to install DirecTV app on Firestick.

Below, you’ll learn exactly how to install the app on your Firestick or Fire TV device.

How to Install DirecTV App On Firestick or Fire TV

Consider signing up for DirectTV’s streaming service with a Fire TV device to watch your favorite shows, favorite movies, and live TV channels.

Here’s a quick and easy guide on how to get started.

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The Easiest Way: Use the Amazon App Store

The DirecTV app is available on your device’s Amazon app store.

From there, it can be directly installed onto your device. This process is straightforward.

1. Power on your Firestick or FireTV device.

2. Get your device connected to your preferred WiFi network.

3. Head to the search bar on your device or use voice search and search for the DirecTV app.

4. Download the app, and it automatically installs on your device.

5. Open the installed DirecTV app and sign in with your credentials.

What If I Can’t Find the DirecTV App?

If the DirecTV app doesn’t show up in the store, you may not have a compatible device.

Compatible devices are the Amazon Firestick, Fire TV Cube, and Fire TV, second-generation or higher.

Also, you must be located in the United States. If you aren’t, you won’t find the app as it’s not supported outside of the United States.

Sideloading the App

Don’t worry! By “sideloading,” you can install the app outside the Amazon store. This is part of what makes the Amazon Fire TV devices so versatile.

Just head to your device’s settings to enable Developer Settings. This allows you to download apps from unknown sources.

This is automatically disabled by default to protect your device. However, when you download apps from a reputable source, your device is perfectly safe.

To do this, take the following steps:

1. Head to Settings.

2. Then select My Fire TV.

3. Click on Developer Options.

4. Turn on Apps From Unknown Sources.

Now that you can download and install third-party apps from outside of the official Amazon App Store, download the DirecTV app and install it.

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Outside the US? Use the Downloader App

If you are outside the USA, use a VPN to mask your location. This tricks DirecTV into thinking you’re located in the USA.

1. Go to the Amazon App Store and search for “Downloader App.”

2. Click on the Downloader App and install it.

3. Open the Downloader App.

4. Type in in the URL field. It’ll automatically start downloading the DirecTV app onto your device.

5. Open the recently installed DirecTV app and enter your DirecTV credentials to start watching.

Another Way: Use ES File Explorer

If you cannot download the app by using Downloader, you can always pivot to using ES File Explorer.

While it requires more steps, the installation process is almost as easy.

1. Go to the official Amazon App Store.

2. Type in ES File Explorer.

3. Download the app.

4. Open ES File Explorer.

5. Head to the app’s homepage and click on the Download icon.

6. Open the keyboard and type into the URL field.

7. The app should start downloading onto your device.

8. Open the recently installed DirecTV app and enter your credentials to start watching.

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Is DirecTV Legal?

You bet, 100 percent! DirecTV is an official streaming service offered by AT&T and DirecTV.

(BTW, it used to be called the DirecTV Now app, if you’re wondering.)

Their packages start at $69.99 per month and run up to $149.99 per month for a wide range of entertainment and features.

DirecTV customers love it because it offers the best TV shows and on-demand movies all in one place.

Is DirecTV Available For Fire TV Users?

Not all Fire TV devices are officially supported. It should be if you have a newer (second generation and up) Fire TV device.

If you have an older generation device, you may have to sideload the app onto your device. It’s still going to work, but you won’t be able to head to the Amazon app store to download the app.

For those with newer Amazon Fire TV devices, no problem to find it available on the official app store.

Does It Work Outside The United States?

DirecTV Stream is not available for users outside of the United States.

You may be able to watch DirecTV Stream outside of the United States if you use a VPN or a service that masks your IP address location.

Wondering what are the best options when it comes to VPNs? Check out this article on the best VPN for streaming.

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Is DirecTV Free?

No. DirecTV Stream is a paid service. You must pay for the service if you want to watch it.

The monthly plan runs from $69.99 to $149.99. They also offer a free trial if you want to try it out.

If you’re a Rakuten member, you can get up to $75 when you sign up.

What’s Good About DirecTV Stream?

There’s a lot to like about DirecTV Stream:

  • local channels
  • lots of live channels
  • live sports from ESPN and Fox Sports
  • latest releases of movies and shows
  • parental controls for peace of mind
  • record up to three channels at once
  • fast-forward through commercials
  • Amazon Fire Stick users can stream on unlimited devices simultaneously in your home

What Channels Do You Get With DirecTV Stream?

DirecTV Stream comes with a lot of in-demand channels. These channels include

You can also add a lot of premium channels like HBO Max, SHOWTIME, STARZ, and Cinemax. If you don’t mind paying extra to watch the latest movies and the latest shows.

Support for More Devices

If you have a home full of different devices, you’re in luck with DirecTV Stream.

They offer support for various devices, including Amazon devices, Android devices, Roku devices, Apple TV and other Apple devices, Samsung TVs, etc.

What other apps have you loaded on your Amazon Firestick?