The 5 Easiest Ways to Skip & Block Ads on Hulu

Last Updated on March 4, 2022 by Anne-Marie

So. Many. Commercials! Have you ever wondered how to skip ads on Hulu?

Well, here are the most effective ways to block those time-wasting and annoying ads!

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Use an Adblocker App to Block Ads on Hulu

Do you watch Hulu online with a phone, tablet, or computer? Then use these adblocker apps to eliminate ads.

Downloading a browser plugin to block Hulu ads is one of the best methods and a great way to enhance your viewing experience.


Some movies or videos may not play when you use an adblocker. (Boooooo!) And you may get a blank screen.

If that happens, disable the browser extension or app temporarily. No biggie.

The Best Adblockers for Your Computer or Tablet

1. AdBlock Plus is top-rated, very popular, and super easy to use.

It works with your iOS or Android device. Download it in the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

Download Ad Block Plus: Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, Edge, Android, iOS

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2. AdBlock (not the same as AdBlock Plus) is the other best ad-blocking web browser extension. That’s because it has the trust of many users worldwide.

You’ll love it because it works with your phone, too!

Download AdBlock: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Android, iOS

3. Ghostery is my favorite Chrome browser extension for blocking ads. Like the others, it’s easy to use.

But its real benefit lies in Ghostery’s privacy protection features.

Wanna learn who’s trying to collect data on you? With Ghostery, you can stop data tracking and use its Enhanced Anti Tracking to anonymize your data.

You can get basic web protection with Ghostery’s FREE download. More advanced protection starts at $4.99 a month.

Download Ghostery: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge

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Adblockers for Your Phone

Both AdBlock Plus and AdBlock work with Android phones, iPhones, and web browsers. Nothing like an all-in-one app!

But since I’m all about more choices, check out Blokada for iPhones and Android phones.

Not only does the Blokada app block those nasty Hulu advertisements, but it also does so much more!

  • blocks trackers and malware
  • helps you save on your data plan (love this!)
  • speeds up your device (don’t we all need this?)
  • and it protects your privacy all in one easy-to-use application

Best of all, it’s free forever and trusted by a massive community of happy users.

(Watch TV on your phone or tablet? Download the ABC, Spectrum, and MSNBC apps to watch your favorite shows.)

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Try the Two Tabs Method to Block Ads on Hulu

Adblockers aren’t perfect and don’t block everything. They may also leave you with a blank or frozen screen.

Instead, here’s how to do the two tabs method:

1. Open the Hulu app or website. Then choose your favorite tv show or favorite movie.

2. In a second tab, open up the same show or movie. Mute it. Then forward your show to the first ad marker. (You can usually tell where this is on the stream bar.)

3. Go back to the first tab and watch your movie. When the ad starts to play, mute it.

4. Now and go to the second tab. Go to the point where you were interrupted and start watching from that point.

This way, the second tab should have already played the ads, so you start watching from where the ads finished.

Refresh the Page

Don’t want to install a plugin or skip between two tabs? Then try refreshing the page when watching your favorite tv shows.

This way you won’t have to watch those boring long ads.

You don’t get rid of them outright, but it does shorten their length. Most Hulu users agree that shorter ads are a good thing after all!

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Hulu (No Ads)

Honestly? Just go ahead and pay for the premium plan of Hulu (No Ads) at $12.99/month.

Do you stream with a Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, Chromecast, or Smart TV? Then paying full price is the ONLY WAY to avoid ads when watching your favorite Hulu content.

Aren’t you worth it?

While it may cost more, the premium version of Hulu (formerly Hulu Plus) is one of the best ways to avoid wasting your time with commercial ads.

I can’t stand watching one of Hulu’s original content shows like Reservation Dogs or The Handmaid’s Tale with all those commercial breaks. So paying extra is worth it to me.

Money-Saving Tips

Paying full price for Hulu? Then here are some tips to save money:

Bundle your Hulu subscription with other services like ESPN and Disney+.

Use FREE Roku apps like WGN.

Maybe cancel it for a few months when your favorite popular tv shows are done for the season.

Or downgrade to a cheaper plan if you’re busy watching Amazon Prime Video or other popular video streaming services.

When you set up your system, learn how to find the Roku link code or how to find the Roku IP address without a remote.

How do you skip ads on Hulu?