How to Turn Off Narrator on Disney Plus

Last Updated on March 4, 2022 by Anne-Marie

Are you wondering how to turn off the narrator on Disney Plus?

There are many easy ways to turn off the narrator on Disney Plus.┬áIt’s just a matter of finding out where the settings are located.

Maybe your kids started playing with the remote while watching Clone Wars.

Somehow the narrator feature got turned on. And now you can’t find the settings to turn this accessibility feature off.


Read on to find how to turn off the narrator function on Disney+.

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Easiest Way How to Turn Off Narrator on Disney Plus

Just follow these steps to turn off the voice narrator. You’ll soon be watching Star Wars, Little Mermaid, or National Geographic without the voice guide.

1. First thing, start up the streaming app and start watching a Disney Plus show.

2. Click on the * button on your remote.

3. While it’s playing, change the audio track to an option that doesn’t include an audio option.

4. Then switch the audio track to the desired option.

If you use a Universal Remote, you may not have a * star button. Try the Roku app for your mobile phone instead.

Another Easy Way to Turn Off the Narrator

Didn’t work? Try this way to turn the accessibility options off.

1. Start playing one of your favorite shows.

2. Once more, press the * button on the remote.

3. Then disable the Volume mode. This should disable the narrator, too.

If you’re hearing the Narrator on Disney+, you may be getting it on other apps like ABC, HGTV, Spectrum, Netflix, and WGN.

Here’s How Roku Users Can Turn Off the Narrator

Hopefully, one of these methods fixes your issue with playing narration while trying to watch one of your favorite Disney+ shows using your Roku device.

#1 Change the Roku Audio Setting

1. Press the Home button on your Roku remote control to get to the Roku Home page.

2. Tap Settings in the Roku menu in the left menu pane.

3. Click on the Audio option.

4. Set both the S/PDIF and ARC settings to Stereo.

#2 Change the Audio Track

1. Start playing a show on the Disney+ channel.

2. Press the * button on your Roku remote.

3. Change the Audio Track setting to an option that doesn’t include Audio Description.

#3 Disable the Audio Guide

1. To disable the narrator, press the * button rapidly 4 times.

Note: for some models like the TCL Roku TV, press the * button once while a video is playing. Then select Accessibility, Screen Reader, then toggle the setting to Off.

2. You can also navigate to the setting using the menus. It’s under Settings, then Accessibility, Audio Guide or Screen Reader, then Off.

#4 Disable the Volume Mode

1. Start playing a video as you usually would.

2. Press the * button on the Roku remote.

3. Change the Volume Mode setting to Disabled.

Are you having problems with your Roku remote? Here’s how to fix it!

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How to Turn Off Narrator on the Apple TV

VoiceOver is a feature that makes it easier for blind people or those with low vision to use an Apple TV.

Here are simple steps to turn it off or on.

1. Go to Settings, then accessibility, then VoiceOver.

2. Then turn VoiceOver on or off.

3. On your remote, press the Menu button or the Back button three times to turn the VoiceOver on or off.

4. You can also press the Siri button and tell Siri to turn the VoiceOver on or off.

Turn Off Narrator in the Disney Plus App

Here’s a step-by-step method of turning off the narrator in the Disney Plus app.

1. Start playing a movie in the Disney Plus app on your iOS device screen (an iPhone or iPad).

2. Tap the screen to bring up the transport controls, i.e., Play, Pause, Skip Back, and Skip Forward.

3. Now tap the More Settings square at the top right of your screen. This brings up a list of player settings.

4. In the Audio list, tap on the English option. You can also tap on another option except any with the letters AD in its name. This switches OFF the Narrator voice.

5. Now tap the X button on the Settings screen. (It’s in the top right corner of the screen.) Tapping this takes you back to the movie screen.

6. If your content isn’t playing, tap the Play button.

How to Turn Off Disney Plus Subtitles and Audio on Amazon Fire TV

For you Amazon Fire TV users:

1. Start watching a movie or TV show on the Disney Plus streaming service.

2. Press the Menu button on the Fire TV remote or app.

3. Select Subtitles and Audio.

4. Choose the Off button under Subtitles and Captions.

How to Turn Subtitles on Samsung Smart TV

For those who can’t figure out how to turn off Disney+ subtitles on their Samsung.

1. Launch Disney Plus and start watching a movie or TV show on your Samsung TV.

2. Push the up arrow on the remote twice to access the language box on the screen’s upper right corner.

3. Hit the Select button.

4. Choose the no captions or subtitles option in the Audio and Subtitles menu.

What’s your favorite show on Disney+?