How to Watch Facebook Live on Your Roku

Last Updated on February 3, 2022 by Anne-Marie

Here’s how to watch Facebook live on your Roku.

Can I Get Facebook On Roku?

Have you ever wondered if you can view Facebook Watch videos on a bigger screen using your Roku device and TV?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a Facebook app or Facebook Watch app on the Roku channel store.

But there are other methods to browse Facebook videos on your TV.

Smart TV with hand holding remote.

Screen Mirroring Facebook On The Roku

Screen mirroring is the only way to access Facebook and other social media platforms on your Roku player.

Not only can you watch all those fun Facebook live videos on a big TV screen. It allows you to browse your Facebook feed from your mobile phone or tablet on large screens, too!

It’s easy to do! Here’s how:

1. Switch on your TV and Roku device. Make sure it’s connected to your WiFi network and the Internet.

2. Log in to your Facebook account on your mobile phone or tablet. Make sure it’s connected to the same WiFi network as your Roku. (You may want to turn off your cellular connection.)

3. Go to the Roku home screen. (Press the home button on your Roku remote.)

4. Scroll to the Settings option on the home menu. Then choose the system option.

Roku mirroring screen.

5. Select the Screen Mirroring option. Click on either the “Prompt or Always Allow” option and pick your preference.

Roku mirroring setup.

6. Your Roku will scan nearby devices and display your phone or tablet’s name on the screen. Click on the device name.

Roku mirroring screen.

7. Launch the Facebook app on your phone or tablet. You should now see Facebook on your TV. Happy streaming!

If you need more specific directions for your Android or Windows phone, follow the mirroring directions here.

Apple and Mac users can learn about using AirPlay with their Roku device here.

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Other Ways Access Facebook On Your TV

Besides mirroring Facebook from your phone or tablet, you can use other devices and streaming services such as:

Unlike Roku, all of these can download the Facebook Watch app.

But that means you have to buy something new.  Who’s got the money for that?!?

And there’s another BIG CATCH.

You cannot browse your news feed, groups, friends’ profiles, photos, and pages. That’s because the app only streams Facebook Watch videos.

Now that you know how to watch Facebook live on Roku with mirroring, it’s actually a pretty good thing!

Hands typing on a laptop computer.

Connect Your Computer To The TV

Get Facebook on your TV by connecting it to your laptop or computer with an HDMI cable. It’s easy to do. And no Roku box or app is needed.

And yes, they do make long HDMI cords. So you can have that big screen experience without sitting right in front of the TV.

UPDATE: I just learned that you can cast on Windows computers over your home network. It’s like mirroring on Roku with your phone!

Learn how at How to Watch DISH Network on Roku. Go to the “How to Cast DISH Anywhere on Roku from Windows” section.

Can I Connect My iPhone Or iPad?

Yes! You can connect your iPhone or iPad to your TV using an HDMI cable and a Lightning to Digital AV adapter.

(Make sure your TV has an HDMI port.)

Set up is easy:

1. Connect the adapter to the HDMI cable.

2. Connect the cable to your TV.

3. Plug the adapter into the iPhone or iPad Lightning port. Turn on your device.

4. Switch to the input (HDMI1, for example) to which you have attached the cable using the remote control or TV’s control panel.

5. Launch the Facebook app or any other app of your choice like Hulu, Spectrum, ABC, HGTV, or MSNBC through the mirrored screen.

Alternative Methods To Watch Facebook On Your TV

Screen mirroring can be a pain to set up. And the quality isn’t always reliable.

These popular apps can help with that!

And can be found in the Apple and Android App Store.

ApowerMirror App screen shots.

ApowerMirror App

ApowerMirror is a paid screen mirroring app for iOS devices and Android devices. Users can screen mirror their devices to TV without lag via WiFi.

Their product also allows users to share videos between their phone and TV. Perfect for Facebook!

Here’s how to install it:

1. Download the app on your phone and TV.

(Note: this requires a smart TV that can download apps. Contact their customer service to ensure your smart TV or Roku TV is supported.)

2. Launch the app on your TV and phone.

3. Use your phone to scan the QR code displayed on your TV. Then your phone screen will be cast to your TV immediately.

4. Launch Facebook on your phone and watch live videos on your TV. Yay!

LetsView App

Another easy way to watch FB live on TV is by using the LetsView App.

This FREE screen mirroring tool allows you to display anything on your phone, laptop computer, and tablet to your TV.

It’s also available for your iOS and Android device.

Letsview App screen shot.

Here’s how to install it:

1. Download the LetsView app on your phone and download LetsView for TV.

(Note: this requires a smart TV that can download apps. Contact their customer service to ensure your smart TV or Roku TV is supported.)

2. Open the app on your phone and TV. On your phone, input the PIN code displayed on your TV to start mirroring.

(Here’s a more indepth LetsView tutorial.)

3. Open your FB live to watch it on your TV. Fun times!

Are you going to set up screen mirroring with your Roku streaming device to watch Facebook live streams?