Here’s How to Watch WGN on Roku Without Cable

Last Updated on February 5, 2022 by Anne-Marie

Is WGN on Roku?

YES! Believe it or not, there are several ways you can easily stream the WGN TV station on Roku.

Read on to learn how.

Why Stream WGN on Roku

WGN is a famous TV channel known for hours of news in the Chicago area.

It’s also a popular streaming channel for those who’ve left Chicago and want to keep in touch with news alerts and top stories.

5 Different Methods to Watch WGN on Roku Without Cable.

You can:

1. Download the WGN app from the Roku channel store. (THE EASIEST WAY.)

2. Screen mirror WGN from your Apple device.

3. Mirror it from your Android phone.

4. Cast WGN from your computer. (No need for HDMI cables.)

5. Use a streaming service that you may already be paying for!

Watch WGN with the Roku App

WGN Roku app.

Developed by Nexstar Media Group, WGN-TV+ is Chicago’s news and streaming video service for your smart TV, Roku device, and Amazon Fire TV.

The benefits:

  • FREE – no need for a cable provider login
  • regularly scheduled live newscasts
  • live WGN programming of your favorite programs
  • live breaking WGN News and in-depth coverage
  • clips of the day’s top videos
  • a browsable archive with full episodes of your favorite shows like Dog’s Most Wanted
  • other WGN-TV+ exclusives and on demand content

Using the WGN America App

I’ve read reports that some people have issues with the WGN Roku app. They say it doesn’t work for them.

What’s up with that? I tried it, and it works just fine for me.

Having issues? Try casting the WGN America App from mobile devices to a Roku is a good alternative.

How to Cast or Screen Mirror Using the WGN App

First, download the WGN app to your Android device or an Apple iOS device from the app store:

Apple iOS WGN News App – only news, no other content

(The Apple iOS WGN-TV+ App is only for Apple TV.)

Google Play Store WGN America Now App

Enable Screen Mirroring

NOTE: When using screen mirroring, make sure that all your devices (Roku, phone, and computer) are connected to the same WiFi network internet connection.

1. Start your Roku device.

2. In the Roku menu, scroll down to Settings.

3. Go to System and click on it with your remote control.

4. Select (click on) Screen Mirroring. Then select Screen Mirroring Mode.

5. Click on “Always allow” to allow screen mirroring.

6. Finally, to exit out, click on your Home button.

Watch WGN on Roku on Your Apple Phone and iOS

WGN News app for iOS Apple phones.

Benefits of Using the WGN America App

  • Watch on your phone or iPad wherever you go.

Cons of Using the iOS App

  • The app is glitchy.
  • There’s only news programming, including sports and weather. No TV shows.

WGN American Now App for Apple iOS screen grab.

How to Mirror the WGN iOS App on the Roku

Make sure your Roku device and the iPhone are on the same WiFi network.

1. In the Roku Menu, scroll down and click on Settings.

2. Then choose Apple AirPlay and HomeKit.

3. Click on AirPlay to “on.”

4. Choose the First Time Only option under Require Code.

5. Swipe up the Control Center to your home screen on your iPhone.

6. Click on the Screen Mirroring icon. (It’s the one that looks like two rectangles laid on top of each other to the right of Portrait Orientation.)

7. Select your Roku device from the menu.

8. Enter the passcode shown on the television.

9. Close the Control Center and find the WGN app on your home screen.

9. Play some content in the WGN America app to make sure it’s working.

10. Now your Roku device should display WGN video. (You may need to play with volume and orientation controls.)

Watch WGN on Roku Through Android

WGN American app for Android.

The Benefits of Using the Android App

  • Watch WGN on your phone or iPad wherever you go.

The Cons

  • You have to sign in with your cable provider credentials to access all the content.
  • This app has abysmal reviews. People complained it didn’t work, froze, had limited content, and their cable TV provider wasn’t listed.

How to Mirror Android’s WGN America App on the Roku

WGN America Now Android app screen grab.

1. Connect your Roku device to your TV.

2. Go to the Roku Device Settings menu.

3. Start the Screen Mirroring feature.

4. Go to your Phone Settings and select the option for connection and sharing.

5. Select the Cast option. (Find this in the Notification Panel on your Android phone.)

6. Toggle the Cast option to On to enable it. Your smartphone will look for a nearby device to cast to.

7. From the search results, choose your Roku device. (Your home may have several, so make sure you’re picking the right room’s device.)

8. When you connect your phone to your Roku, the mobile phone’s screen will appear on the TV screen.

9. Now launch the WGN America channel app. Pick a media file to start playing it on your big screen TV.

How to Cast WGN on Roku from Windows

This time you don’t need to download an app. Just use the Windows casting feature.

No HDMI cable is needed to hook your computer or laptop into your TV’s HDMI input port. It’s all done over your home network!

1. I know you’re tired of me saying this but, make sure your Roku device and PC are on the same WiFi network.

2. Make sure you’ve enabled screen mirroring on your Roku device. (See above.)

3. Open your Chrome or Firefox web browser.

4. Go to

5. Click on the live feed to get things started.

6. Right-click on the box that pops up. Choose Cast. (Cool, right? I had no idea you could do this on Windows!)

Casting from the Windows dropbox.
Casting from the Windows dropbox.

7. Then a Roku Source dropbox pops up. Click on it and choose Cast tabs.

8. Choose your Roku device from the device list on your PC screen.

10. You can now view WGN on your TV screen via your Roku.

What Streaming Services Carry WGN?

Do you have a live TV streaming service? You may already have WGN and not know it!

Here’s where WGN America Live is available:

(Check their channel list to make sure WGN is available in your area.)

Read about the benefits of Sling TV and YouTube TV at How to Watch HGTV on Roku.

Learn about the benefits of Hulu and fubo at How To Watch MSNBC Live On Roku.

Upcoming Changes at WGN America

WGN America will rebrand as NewsNation beginning March 1, 2022.

The channel is expanding news programming to five hours of news on weeknights with the rebranding.

We’ll update any future name changes as they occur.

Conclusion: What’s the Best Way to Watch WGN on Roku?

Still reading?

The best and cheapest way is with Roku’s WGN app.

  • It’s a FREE Roku channel.
  • As a standalone channel, it’s easy to use and works great.
  • Plus, it has all the features of watching the WGN channel on cable without paying.
  • Finally, it works with all the Roku devices like a smart Roku TV and Roku streaming sticks.

The second best way is using a streaming service like Hulu Live, YouTube TV, or Sling TV.

Why? You can DVR any of your favorite WGN content. (Again, check each service’s latest and local channel list.)

Why do you love to watch WGN?