Why is My Roku Remote Blinking? And How to Fix It

Last Updated on March 4, 2022 by Anne-Marie

Does your Roku remote have a blinking green light?

Wondering why your Roku remote is blinking in the first place?

Usually, it means it’s stuck in pairing mode. Or it could be power issues.

Pairing issues and more can be fixed using the following steps.

There’s no need to call the geek patrol! It’s super easy to do yourself.

Woman holding remote watching tv on the floor in front of white couch.

Roku Remote Problems

A green light flashing often means your Roku remote’s batteries are low.

That’s when my kids complain that the Roku is broken!

I tell them that the problem is low batteries. And it’s time for new batteries.

How to fix your Roku remote:

So simple that even my kids can do it.

1. Take out the battery cover and remove the batteries.

2. Clean if the old batteries have leaked all over the battery compartment of your Roku remote.

3. Replace with a new set of AA or AAA batteries. (Make sure you put them in the right way. I don’t always get this done on the first try. Wearing my glasses helps!)

4. Finally, hold the pairing button on the remote control for a few seconds to pair your remote with the TV. (Your TV should be on when you do this.)

5. You’re now back at the Roku Home Screen. You’ll quickly be back to watching your favorite shows on Netflix, Hulu, or Disney+ in no time!

Roku remote with blinking green light.

Pairing the Roku Remote

Is the green blinking light still flashing? Then you have a pairing issue or error.

So now you need to re-pair your Roku remote with the Roku player or streaming device (the Roku streaming stick).

To pair your remote to your Roku streaming device, DO THIS:

1. Remove the batteries in your remote.

2. Switch off the power to your TV and Roku streaming stick.

Your Roku stick may be plugged into a power adapter and not a USB port for extra power. In turn, it’s plugged into the wall, a power cord, or surge protector.

In that case, you need to turn off your power supply. Or unplug the whole darn thing (including the TV, just in case) from the wall.

3. Wait for a good 10 seconds. Then plug everything back in and turn the TV back on.

4. Put the batteries back in the remote controller and put the battery cover back on. Make sure the Roku remote is close to the TV and Roku stick.

5. Automatic pairing should start. If not, you may need to press the pairing button.

Follow the prompts shown on the screen to complete the pairing process. When it’s finished, the flashing light should stop.

Now you can start watching your favorite shows on HGTV, ABC, and MSNBC.

Roku remote with batteries removed.

HDMI connection issues

Did you know that wireless interference from the HDMI connector may impact your remote? That’s right! It could cause it to blink or act flakey.

It’s certainly not one of those common issues everyone knows about either.

Even so, consider installing an extension HDMI cable to move your streaming stick away from your HDMI port.

Luckily, you can get a free extension cable from the lovely folks at Roku!

Reset your Roku streaming device

Is your remote flashing still?

Here’s where my husband starts yelling and whacking the remote. As if that helps!

Instead, it’s time to do a factory reset of your Roku device. This resets your device to its settings when you first bought it.


You may need to find the Roku link code when you set up your system from scratch, too.

But what can you do if your Roku remote and Roku device won’t talk to each other? Argh!

You’ll need plenty of time to reset the wireless network and network settings. So maybe bring some snacks.

Here’s how to perform a factory reset:

1. Depending on the type of Roku you have, the reset button will be on the back, bottom, or side of the device.

It’s either a raised button or a pinhole button. (For a pinhole button, use a paperclip or safety pin to perform the factory reset.)

(On the newer Roku Streaming Sticks, it’s the button on the side of the stick.)

Different types of Roku factory reset buttons.

2. Make sure your Roku device is powered on. Then press and hold the reset button firmly for about 10 seconds. When completed, the indicator light or status LED will blink rapidly.

NOTE: I find that holding the button for a shorter time will reset the system and NOT wipe out your setup. This may stop your remote from blinking, too. TRY THIS FIRST.

3. Set up your Roku again to see if that fixed the issue.

Use the Roku app

Have you tried the Roku controller app on your smartphone? The mobile app is FREE and a terrific option to use if your remote is on the fritz.

The remote app also allows you to try additional troubleshooting steps, connection issues, and no working remote.

I love it because you can use its private listening Bluetooth feature to listen to your Roku wirelessly with headphones or earbuds. In bed!

It’s also terrific to use when you want to search for a title of a movie or show. So much easier to type it out on your phone than with the Roku remote!

(Make sure to pick the official Roku controller application. I can’t vouch for the unofficial ones.)

Woman with mobile phone.

Where Do I Find the Roku App?

The Roku app is available in the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

1. Download it to your mobile phone, tablet, or Apple Watch.

2. Once downloaded, you’ll be prompted to search for nearby Roku devices.

3. Your Roku device (or devices) will automatically appear. Then select it to connect to whatever device you’re watching.

4. Once your Roku TV is connected to the Roku app, you can use your phone as a remote.

Watch out if more than one person in your family has the app. Talk about dueling remotes. En garde!

Roku remote app screen shots.

Here’s How to Find the Roku IP Address Without a Remote.

Buy a New Roku Remote or Device

Sometimes you’ve tried everything! And yet your remote keeps flashing.

Could be problems with a broken pairing button. Or your remote stopped working because the old batteries leaked and fried the power supply.

Maybe it’s time to buy a new Roku remote.

CAREFULLY READ the description before you buy a new remote!

Check out my 7 Best Universal Remotes Under $30 for Roku Devices buying guide, too.

Not all remotes work with all Roku models. Check that the remote you pick is compatible with your streaming player.

Considering how expensive some of the remotes are, maybe you should upgrade and get a better Roku streaming device like a Roku Ultra or a Roku Streambar. Isn’t it time to treat yourself?

What’s your biggest technical issue with your Roku?